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Safety Is Our First Priority.

The only thing more important than the development of your child is his or her safety. To ensure the safety, security and well-being of the children in our care at Get Smart Kids Academy we have procedures and standards in place to cover pick-up and drop-off, visitors, equipment and furniture safety, and more. These procedures are periodically reviewed and updated to make certain they reflect the most current safety and security technology and practices.

A Secure Environment:

The lobby entrance to the academy is securely separated from the actual classrooms. Only those with the appropriate access authority can gain access to each individual classroom. The entire facility – including all classrooms – are monitored and recorded 24 hours a day for the safety of our students.

Pick-up and Drop-off:

Each child must be checked in and out every day. We enforce our policy by registering and documenting access rights to parents and others who are authorized to pick up the child. We keep an updated file of names, addresses and phone numbers of people authorized to pick up children in case of an emergency. No child is released to an adult without proper authorization and identification.


All visitors to our Academy are greeted in our secure lobby, directed to sign the Visitor Log and state the purpose of the visit. Picture identification is required from all unfamiliar visitors.

Medical Standards:

Each staff member of Get Smart Kids Academy must provide evidence of good health with a signed physical examination, tuberculosis test and other state-mandated requirements. All medical records are periodically updated. Staff members do not work if they are ill.

As for the children, we maintain a complete medical record of immunizations and physicals for each child in our care. Pertinent health histories (such as allergies, chronic conditions or susceptibilities) are also required. All health records, immunization records and emergency contacts are kept up to date and easily accessible in case of emergency.

Equipment Safety:

The building, playground and equipment are safe.  More than 35 years of experience and testing have taught us what equipment to buy and how to arrange it for maximum safety, both inside and outside the Academy.

Child-friendly Furniture:

Our Academy is child-friendly – child-sized tables and chairs are sturdy and comfortable. Toys and learning areas are carefully arranged. Equipment is monitored on an on-going basis to ensure it is in good working order. Broken or unsafe equipment is taken out of service immediately, to be repaired or replaced.

Our Commitment To Cleaning:

We take very seriously the well-being of your child and work hard to provide an environment that is clean and healthy. The Health and Safety section of our Operations Manual has very specific procedures and requirements concerning cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs.

Hand Washing:

Hand washing is the single most effective practice in preventing the spread of germs. Teachers are required to wash their own hands, as well as the hands of a child using described procedures, before and/or after engaging in a thorough list of activities.

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

Get Smart Kids Academy staff thoroughly cleans surfaces that children come in close contact with. In addition, many surfaces, including bathroom surfaces, are disinfected in a prescribed way. Toys that children put into their mouths are also cleaned and disinfected between uses. Water Play tables are disinfected before being filled with water and carefully supervised when in use.

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