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A Vision of a Better Beginning.

As a seasoned educator and the dedicated mother of two young children, Maggie Montes had a vision of a better beginning for kids. She realized there was a need to provide a quality early learning academy in her community.  Her goal was to create a preschool program for ALL kids that would give them the best possible head start in a lifetime of learning. Drawing upon 22 years of in-depth experience as a Miami-Dade County public school teacher, Maggie launched Get Smart Kids Academy in 2007.  The mission was to create a literacy rich learning environment in which students would be guided by early learning professionals that would engage each unique child to help them realize their full academic, physical, social and emotional potential.

The result was the creation of a remarkable school in which children are provided with early literacy skills, so that they begin their educational life on the right footing. The Academy’s mandate is to instill a love of learning in every child by generating a nurturing environment where children come first.

It was founded on the principal that kids learn best through the power of play. The curriculum was developed drawing upon play-centered teaching methods that ignite the imaginations of children, while encouraging a life-long love of learning.

Today, Get Smart Kids Academy has three centers, serves customers throughout Miami-Dade County, and is considered one of our communities leading and trusted providers of high quality early childhood education.  That vision of a better beginning and the principals Get Smart Kids Academy were founded upon continue to be a driving force in all its schools; assuring ALL kids get the head start they deserve, to help them reach their full potential.

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